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I caught the 'homeland' bug. so here we go: a carrie/brody mix. because who am I kidding, I love these two fuck-ups. also, can we come up with a new word to describe them? because 'dysfunctional' does not even cover what they have.


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27 July 2012 @ 12:20 am
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long time no see. uhm, yeah. tumblr has me.
bringing an Irene Adler mix. because she's awesome.

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Oh gosh, she made something other that River/Doctor mix!!
Yes. Yes, I did. Because well. How could I resist The Dominatrix and The Consulting Detective? I couldn't. I didn't even try.

Hm, maybe I should say and clear some things, before showing you the mix. /feel free to skip/
Okay then. First and most important thing: as you can see, I do ship Irene/Sherlock. But, the thing is - I don't ship them in the ~romantic~ meaning of this word, at least not only. Mostly, because I don't really believe that Sherlock is capable of love (talking about romance now). While he obviously cares about some people, I don't think he can love, as in form any kind of a romantic relationship. And I also don't believe that Irene can love-love people (and she does not get attached to them).
So okay, why do I ship them. Uhm. Well. I think they are absolutely fascinating to watch. They are equals, starting with the way they look (dark hair, pale, high cheekbones, pale eyes) & ending with the way their minds work. They're both smart & bright, they want to impress and outsmart each other, they want to beat each other in this little game of theirs. And in the end they both beat their opponent & they both end up beaten. I love this neverending battle of theirs. I think that they're fascinated by each other on the intellectual level (well, brainy is the new sexy) and that fascination might've started to change and morph into something else. Because in the end, Sherlock did beat her & discovered her weakness, but she made him care about her.
So there. TL;DR: I ship them like you ship two deadly creatures trying to kill each other. But you know, it's more complicated than this. Uhm. I made no sense, right? Okay, go to the fanmix.
Enjoy! (& remember that comments are cool)

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Oops! Another mix. But I made it quite a long time ago, it was tucked away on my hard drive and waiting to be published. During this time, it went through a big change and re-shaping, and finally - here it is. I am still not sure how I feel about it, but hey, I just need to post it, because otherwise I will never be free of it.
The whole idea behind this... thing is about re-writing time and Doctor rescuing River from The Library. But not from the computer, but from before The Library. And as I don't really think River can be ever rescued from her fate, I decided to go all 'time paradox, blood, universe dying'. And here it is.

Warnings: AU-ish, kind of OCC, I guess?, cotains bits of my writing, no happy endings.

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This mix is made for and dedicated to creativedreamin. Because she wanted something happy and fluffy. And River/Doctor related. And here it is: fluffy and pink, and omg it's almost disgusting! Hope you'll enjoy it tho ;). (Also, sorry for the ugly cover, but photoshop hates me, per usual).

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So this fanmix happened today. I regret nothing.

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Another mix for mixedvolume's AU challenge. And look: it's not River/Doctor! Can you believe it? But it still has River, so there. But this time it's River/Irene Adler? Why? Because HBICs should stick together, that's why. Okay, I'll be more serious now: I love both of these characters. They're both strong women, who seem to enjoy danger and excitement and don't really care about laws of possession. So why can't they be gorgeous thieves and badasses together? Come on.
This headcanon of mine takes place in the present. Uhm, we can say that it can/should be linked with BBC's 'Sherlock'. (And yes, I realise that we haven't been introduced to Irene yet. And yes, I also realise that Lara Pulver will play Irene in the series. But my Irene is Natalie Dormer. Having said that, let's move to more interesting (I hope!) things). (And also, comments would be lovely).

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